You as the owner state how much you want to earn. Then we add our service fee, which includes insurance, background checks, transaction costs and VAT. The total rental amount shown in the ad and which the renter pays is thus your desired amount plus the service fee.

As the insurance premium varies for different vehicles, the service fee also varies, but for an average booking it is around 20% of the total rental amount excluding VAT. You enter what you want to charge under the tab "Prices" on the page "My vehicle". There you will also find examples of what you earn and what the rental amount will be for different booking lengths.

The service fee will be higher for renters under 28 years of age due to increased insurance premiums. The exact amount of the service fee is stated in the booking.

Example: Rental period : 1 week

The total weight of the motorhome:3,5 ton5 ton
The total weight of the motorhome:500 000 kr900 000 kr
You earn:9 000 kr12 000 kr
Service fee:2 908 kr3 988 kr
Sercice fee (%):24,4 %24,9 %
Total rental amount: 11 908 kr15 988 kr